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The vision was born of magnificent wealth, the munificence of a noble dreamer, and of no mean Mammon of Course. In some lonely hours the great Sripat Singh Dugar, the last perhaps of the clan of the jain Sitambar blue blood at Jiagang, Murshidabad, felt he must do that. His worthy partner of life, the co-sharer of his dream, his wife Rani Dhanya Kumari Dugar inspired his vision. So in 1949, in the month of April, the deed of gift was signed. Sripat Singh Dugar gifted his palatial outhouse (the magnificent 'Cutchery Bari'), with a further donation of seventy-five thousand rupees, for a college in this town Jiaganj. It was Sripat Singh College, the first ever in this Sub-Division and in this vast region of rural and urban West Bengal. Read More

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Sripat Singh College, established in 1949, is a college in Jiaganj, in Murshidabad district, in the state of West Bengal in India. It offers undergraduate courses in arts and sciences and postgraduate course in Bengali only. It is affiliated to University of Kalyani. Blessed be for ever the great name of Sripat Singh Dugar, the magnanimous Sitambar Jain of this town, who made his dream come true on August 1, 1949, the vision of a college in this town.

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